Today in History: László Moholy-Nagy born in 1895

Today in History:  László Moholy-Nagy born in 1895
120 years ago today, the Hungarian painter, photographer, and influential educator, László Moholy-Nagy, was born. In 1923, Walter Gropius invited Moholy-Nagy to teach at the Bauhaus in Weimar where he was soon placed in charge of the school’s preliminary course. In 1937, he moved to Chicago and was appointed Director of the New Bauhaus, Chicago, but the school went bankrupt after only one year. Against all odds, Moholy-Nagy re-opened the school as the School of Design in 1939 (renamed the Institute of Design in 1944). In late 1945, Moholy-Nagy became very ill and was diagnosed with leukemia. He died the following year. Today, Chicago’s Institute of Design continues to be the source of the most influential design curriculum in the United States.

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