History: Richard Paul Lohse born in 1902


Today in History: Richard Paul Lohse born in 1902
Richard Paul Lohse was born in Zürich in 1902. In 1918, Lohse joined the advertising agency Max Dalang where he trained to be an advertising artist. In the 1930s, his work as a graphic artist and book designer put him among the pioneers of modern Swiss graphic design. In 1937 Lohse, with Leo Leuppi, co-founded Allianz, an association of Swiss modern artists. In 1953 he published the book “New Design in Exhibitions”, in 1958, he became co-editor of the magazine Neue Grafik/New Graphic Design. Important exhibitions and publications help the Swiss painter and graphic artist become and one of the main representatives of the concrete and constructive art movements of the 20thj century. Lohse died in Zürich in 1988.

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