2017 Winter Clearance Poster Sale now online!


The catalog for our 2017 Winter Sale on February 28 is now online. We included somne incredible pieces among the 471 lots and every item starts at $100. Enjoy. http://www.invaluable.com/catalog/6TNKLC4W8P

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Today in History: Mt. Rushmore completed in 1941

75 years ago today, Mount Rushmore National Memorial in South Dakota, USA was completed after 14 years.

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Today in History: Rome founded 753 B.C.

Today in History: Rome founded 753 B.C.

The beginnings of the history of Rome are obscure. Humans have lived in the area known as Rome for at least the last 6,000 years. According to legend, on April 21, 753 B.C., twin brothers Romulus and Remus found Rome on the site where they were suckled by a she-wolf as orphaned infants. It is said that Romulus killed his twin brother, Remus, and named the city after himself. However, this myth supposedly originated sometime during the fourth century and it is thus not really clear where the name Rome originally comes from. Was it really 21 April 753 BC?

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Happy Birthday, Victor Vasarely

Happy Birthday, Victor Vasarely

The Hungarian-French artist Victor Vasarely (born: Gyözö Vásárhelyi ) would have turned 108 today. Born in Pecs, Hungary, in 1908, Vasarely began his artistic training in Budapest in the late 1920s. In 1928, he studied the concepts of the Bauhaus working under Sandor Bortnyk at the Mühely Art School. Vasarely moved to Paris in 1930 and became an independent graphic designer. His early work was characterized by strong black and white contrasts. In the late 1940s, Vasarely developed his own geometric abstract style exploiting the deception of the human eye using forms of geometry and color nuances to trigger striking spatial effects. This led to the formulation of the principles of the short-lived Op Art movement in the early 1950s for which Vasarely is probably best known. In 1970, Vasarely opened the first museum dedicated to his art in Gordes, France (it closed in 1996). In 1976, he founded the Fondation Vasarely in Aix-en-Provence (housed in a building designed by Vasarely). In 1976, the Vasarely Museum was established in the artist’s birth-town of Pécs. A second museum in Zichy Palace in Budapest followed in 1987. Victor Vasarely died in Paris on March 15, 1997.

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Today on History: David Klein born in 1918

Today on History: David Klein born in 1918

Happy Birthday, David Klein ! The American advertising designer would have turned 98 today! Klein is probably best known for his iconic travel posters he created for Trans World Airlines (TWA) during the 1950s and 1960s. His work has vastly grown in popularity during the last decade but many of his original posters are still available at affordable prices in today’s market. Here are a few of our favorites. Enjoy.

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Today in History: First passenger flight of the Concorde in 1976

Today in History: First passenger flight of the Concorde in 1976

40 years ago today, the airliner Concorde began its passenger service. The supersonic jet was first flown in  in 1969. Commercial service continued until the end of 2003. A total of only 20 aircraft were built. British Airways and Air France were its primary users.

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Today in History: Edward McKnight Kauffer born in 1890

Today in History: Edward McKnight Kauffer born in 1890

125 years ago today, Edward McKnight Kauffer, one of Britain’s most influential poster artists and graphic designers between the wars, was born in Great Falls, Montana. Kauffer began his professional life as a painter in San Francisco and Chicago before studying in Paris (1913) and moving to London at the outbreak of World War I. Kauffer received his first poster commission for London Underground in 1915 and immediately embraced poster art as a form of visual communication. He designed 141 posters for the Underground and many more for clients like Shell or British Petroleum. His poster works brought the language of modern art to a large public. In 1937, the New York Museum of Modern Art held a one-man show of his work. Kauffer returned to the United States in 1940 where he produced posters for the Greek War Relief and the U.S. Treasury. After the war, he produced a series of posters for American Airlines and the New York Subway. Kauffer passed away in 1954 in New York.

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