Today in History: First Mercedes Test Drive in 1900

Mercedes by Hans Liska, 1954
Mercedes by Hans Liska, 1954

Today in History: First Mercedes Test Drive in 1900

116 years ago today, the first Mercedes was taken for its maiden drive in Cannstatt, Germany. The car was specially built for its buyer, Emil Jellinek, an entrepreneur with a passion for luxury cars. Jellinek had ordered cars from Daimler in the late 1890s and sold them to high society customers. But he also used them in racing events, entering them using the pseudonym “Mercedes,” the name of his elder daughter. In 1900, Jellinek entered an agreement with Daimler to sell a new line of 4-cylinder automobiles suggesting they be called Mercedes. The first Mercedes was test driven on November 22 and delivered in December of 1900. Two years later, the Mercedes brand name registered legally.

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Today in History: Ferdinand Porsche was born in in 1875

Today in History: Ferdinand Porsche was born in in 1875

140 years ago today, the Austrian-German automotive engineer and founder of the Porsche car company was born in Maffersdorf in the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Porsche originally introduced the concept for the German Volkswagen with the intent to create a small, easy to build and affordable family car. Here is a link to a short blog about the VW Beetle:

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Today in History: The World’s First Auto Race

Today in History: The World’s First Auto Race
120 years ago today, Emile Levassor became the winner of arguably the world’s first official automobile race from Paris to Bordeaux and back. After 732-miles, Levassor crossed the finish line in Paris in his Panhard et Levassor car in just under 49 hours with an average speed of 15 miles per hour – an impressive achievement at the time. Other motor events had taken place prior to 1895 but they were not considered “official races” but “motoring exhibitions” that included limited competitions. Panhard et Levassor became a major force in the developing French auto industry. The success of the Paris-Bordeau-Paris race prompted the creation of the Automobile Club de France. The organization promoted future motor sports events that would eventually grow into the Grand Prix motor racing and Formula One. #AutoRace #Levassor #VintagePoster #VintagePosters #PosterArt

Today in History: Mercedes-Benz

Today in History: Mercedes-Benz 
Gottlieb Daimler and Karl Benz merged their two companies 91 years ago on this day and created one of the greatest automobile companies in the world. It started with two different ideas for two different cars by two different men: both Daimler and Benz manufactured their own cars for some 30 years until the merger that was largely created out of economic sense. Benz & Co. formed in 1883 and its first motor car rode through the streets of Mannheim in July 1886. Daimler who had been working on his own motor carriage founded the Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft in 1890 and marketed the first Mercedes in 1901. Both companies did well until shortly after World War I when the global economic climate of the early 1920s forced the two companies to form an alliance. In 1924, Daimler and Benz began marketing their products jointly while still working under separate trademarks. In June 1926, the two oldest motor manufacturers merged to form Daimler-Benz AG.